When I got the call 2 years ago about my then 3-year-old baby falling, my heart sank. I don’t remember driving to the school to get her but I remember cussin like hell and asking why an ambulance wasn’t called. I rushed her to an emergency pediatric office only to be told 30 minutes later her elbow was shattered and she needed surgery. I couldn’t stop crying so of course they wouldn’t allow me to drive. An ambulance rushed her to St. Mary’s and we were there from about 6:00 PM to 1:00 PM the next day. I slept next to her the whole time and refused to go home. From anesthesia to completion of surgery was the LONGEST time of my life and I can’t remember ever being so damn scared. But my brave strong beautiful baby girl pulled through. Our family and friends were amazing during that time. Nicole Hunt Jackson you are still our hero.

Valencia Spells Anderson